Jonathan Owen, PhD

Jonathan has a background in the physical sciences and over 10 years’ business experience in project management, innovation, business development, and commercial processes. He has taken his passion for applying analysis and critical thinking to business problems into the growing field of data science, especially in its application in the social sciences. He is currently working on an application that predicts the risk of fatalities in vehicle accidents.


Originally from the United Kingdom, Jonathan read Chemistry at the University of Oxford before moving to the University of California, Santa Barbara to complete a Ph.D. in Materials. His dissertation research was on new blue lasers for optical data storage. After graduating Jonathan held positions in the environmental engineering and mining industries. While working on innovation projects he has cleaned wastewater at a chicken processing plant, driven a hydrogen-powered minivan, and talked with pigeon farmers in rural China. In addition to these unusual experiences, this is how he learned his business skills and love for data regardless of their source. 


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